If you wish to comment on a PSPA, National or International Document you need to do so on a Comment Template.

Existing Live Comment Templates

If other people have already commented on the document you wish to comment on you need to look at the list below and click on the relevant link.

The template will have the following titles at the top:

  • Name: Insert your initials here.
  • Page number: Add the document page number you wish to comment on here.
  • Type of comment: Write in the following after considering the nature of your comment
    • GE = General
    • TE = Technical
    • ED = Editorial
  • Comment: Write your comment in as fully and clearly as possible.
  • Proposed Change: Write in exactly how you would like to see the document wording changed to reflect your opinion.
  • Comment Accepted/Rejected: Leave blank as it id for those who review the comment to fill in after discussion of your comment.

You need to insert your comment under the other comments relating to a specific point and/or a specific page so that all comments on that subject can be reviewed at the same time. To do this you need to create a new row if one does not already exist. Simply place you cursor at the end of the last persons comments and click on your tab icon to achieve this. Now you should be in a position to write your comments, pressing return to move from one column to the next.

Some templates may vary slightly from this structure but should follow the same principles with deviations being self-explanatory.

List of current documents out for comment

Comments on New PSPA Website started 22/03/2016

Creating A New Live Comment Template

If no-one else has yet commented on the document you wish to comment on you will need to create a new master using the template below.

Simply fill in the information at the top of the form which asks you to clarify

  • Document Name.
  • Document Number (if applicable).
  • Date the document was first set up.
  • For whom the document has been set up.

Then add your comments to the first row(s) of the template.

Master Template

Past Comment Templates No Longer Live

If you wish to see comment documents that are no longer live, please click on this link.